The Goshen Chapter meets (usually) once a month at 4:00 pm. Meetings take place in the college science hall, either in the conference room or in a designated classroom.

The chapter meetings are primarily for discussion. Books have formed the core of many discussions, although that is not always the case. Members are free to raise issues for discussion and to ask someone in the chapter, with a background in the area of interest, to present some insight.

Goshen College is a Mennonite institution with approximately 45% Mennonite student body and a high percentage of the faculty are active members of Mennonite congregations. This results in a high interest in stewardship and discipleship issues among the members.

Mennonites are traditionally interested in dialog and would rather seek discussion than insist on their views. The chapter does, however, ask for open exploratory discussion which does not insist on one or the other position.