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2020 - Michael Spezio: In Whose Image? Perspectives from Intersections of Brain Science and Abrahamic Mindfulness 

2019 - Katharine Hayhoe: Christians, Climate, and Culture: Relationships, Tensions and Resolutions

2018 - Muzaffar Iqbal: Islam’s Quantum Challenge: Living Islam in the Age of Science

2017 - Niels Henrik Gregersen: Deep Incarnation: From Cosmos to Commitment

2016 - Hava Tirosh-Samuelson: Religion and Environment: The Case of Judaism

2015 - Wentzel van Huyssteen: Interdisciplinary Theology and the Archeology of Personhood

2014 - Joshua Moritz: Human Uniqueness and the Image of God: Bridging Biology and Theology through the Hebrew Concept of Election

2013 - Gayle Woloschak: Becoming Human:  Weaving Together Genetics and Personhood

2012 - Celia Deane-Drummond: Re-Imaging the Divine Image: Humans and Other Animals

2011 - Owen Gingerich: Worrying About Evolution

2010 - Phil Clayton: Evolution After the Religion Wars: Rethinking Humanity and Ethics in Light of the Science-Religion Partnership

2009 - Noreen Herzfeld: The Limits of Perfection

2008 - Holmes Rolston: Science and Origins: Probing the Deeper Questions

2007 - Ted Peters: The Evolution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Life: Where in the World is God?

2006 - Philip J. Hefner: Religion and Science as a Spiritual Quest

2005 - Robert John Russell: Cosmology, Evolution, and Resurrection Hope

2004 - John H. Haught: Purpose, Evolution, and the Mystery of Life

2003 - Antje Jackelén: The Dialogue Between Religion and Science: Challenges and Future Directions

2002 - George Ellis: A Universe of Ethics, Morality and Hope

2001 - Nancey Murphy: Religion and Science: God, Evolution and the Soul